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Thu • Apr 06 • 8:00 PM

XL Live, Harrisburg, PA

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The Head and The Heart

Artist Bio: 

Wilder Woods’ self-titled debut is a mystifying concoction of classic soul, infectious R&B, and modern alt pop that pairs intimate, introspective lyricism with a self-assured swagger and sophistication. Fueled by stop-you-in-your-tracks vocals, the album explores patience, forgiveness, and self-love in a world that’s woefully short on all three. From the funk infused Marvin Gaye beat down on the opening track, to the haunting ballads echoing the pain of a Michael Kiwanuka, Wilder Woods is a collection of tunes that are as introspective as they are care free, and as weathered as they are hopeful.


Of his eponymous debut, he says: “We live in a world that is quick to judge and slow to forgive. We’ve been told that wisdom comes from love and experience, but we can never really enjoy either without taking a risk and diving head first into the unknown. Wilder Woods is the story of my ongoing battle with those demons, and a reminder to my loved ones that it is ok to make mistakes.”